Lovely Couple Sweet Candy Puzzle Match 3 Game 6 IOS

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Lovely Couple Sweet Candy Puzzle Match 3 Game

Lovely Couple Sweet Candy Puzzle Match 3 Game

Giới thiệu Lovely Couple Sweet Candy Puzzle Match 3 Game


With super excitement in every stage! You cannot get enough of playing this game!

This is an awesome jello puzzle matching casual game! Use your amazing skills to tap candy and combine the item, this fast and addicting puzzle game. Get mighty boosters at the beginning of each level and use them to win even the hardest. Once you start playing, you will not be able to stop.

Savor sweet success as you match colorful candies, solve perplexing puzzles, and craft your own scrumptious candy spells. Enjoy loads of fizzy, free fun—with more levels and features added all the time!

Find and blast delicious fruit bunches with a tap, collapsing them in a juicy explosion of excitement! You’ll be addicted to Fruit Mania from the first bite!


– Over +400 free levels available in Free Play mode
– 10 different board sizes
– Additional level packs available for purchase
– 20 scored Time Trial variants to choose from by board size and duration
– Clean, colorful graphics
– Fun sound effects


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