Lovely Candy Kingdom : Lord of Fantasy Rainbow World 6 IOS

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Lovely Candy Kingdom : Lord of Fantasy Rainbow World

Lovely Candy Kingdom : Lord of Fantasy Rainbow World

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Switch and match pets to solve 400+ of levels in this compelling candy club gummy puzzle adventure!! Isn’t it the BEST pet linking game ever?

With lots of frenzy candies, power ups, special pieces, and a big puzzle game board to explore, you will love Candy jelly bubble blaster Match Adventure!

Treat hungry tummies to gushing gummies! Come set sail in an all new puzzle adventure to addict Gummy Candy Land . Made with a juicy twist, this match-3 game serves up just the right amount of fun and challenge in every level.

Swipe & smash sugary sweets by connecting pop candies into chains for your fruity friends to fill their jelly bellies puzzle. Float through cotton candy farm clouds and over the rainbow river as you explore the luscious lands. Match your way to sweet freshness jelly gummy victory!

Smash entire jewel candy rows and columns with every match! Build up multipliers smash that double, triple, and quadruple your score — and beyond!


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