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Link twin cards

Link twin cards

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Do you like to play a familiar game – pikachu ?
Do you want to play Pikachu at everywhere and pass all stages of this game?
With Pikachu Adventure – Discover an new world of Pikachu with a lot of interesting challenges !
Pikachu Adventure is other version of the famous game that are loved by thousands people in the world – Pikachu. However, with this version, players have chance to play with 3 different condition and a lot of increasingly difficult levels in each conditions.
includes 37 levels. Each level in this condition has increase in the number of pairs of images arranged follow different shapes. Pass all rounds to gain the highest scores. Be quick because you just have 60 seconds for each level.
This condition has 34 levels. The number of pair of imagine is increasing and arranged follow different shape after each level. However, in each screen playing, icons automatically move to different directions
This condition includes 20 levels. Let pass all barriers among images to find all pairs of images on screens
How simple it is !!! find all pair of the same images so that the line adding two images is no more than 3 lines.
Giao diện thân thiện và dễ sử dụng
The nice and user-friendly interface
Lovely images
Exciting sounds
3 different conditions
The rank list is classified follow 3 conditions
Adjust 17 interfaces with 17 symbol topics like: Fruits, Animals, Model, Fantasy…
Provide “Support” Function
Provide “ Reset” Function
Integrate “Share with Friends through Facebook or Twitter” Feature.
Experience Pikachu Adventure with attractive blocks at everywhere and anywhen by downloading Pikachu Adventure FREELY right now!


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Link twin cards 1.5 IOS -
Link twin cards 1.5 IOS -
Link twin cards 1.5 IOS -
Link twin cards 1.5 IOS -
Link twin cards 1.5 IOS -

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