Line 98 Standard: Color Lines 1.3.4 IOS

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Line 98 Standard: Color Lines

Line 98 Standard: Color Lines

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Line 98 Standard or Color Lines 1998 – The retro version of the most additive board game ever on PC

Line 98 was invented by a Russian developer in 90s. It then was developed on PC and integrated in Win 98. Then we call it Line 98 or Color Lines 1998.

This classical board game is set with 9×9 grid. On this square grid, there are some random color balls in normal status and three small ones which could be replaced by a big one when you drag another color ball into. If you don’t, the small color ball will grow and become a big ball, take the place and fill up grid. Your mission is to rearrange the color balls to form a line of same color with at least 5 color balls in a line (row, column, cross). Then you have a color line, all the balls will explode and the grid will be clean. Do it again as much as possible to get score.

This game is very famous in 90s. When every officer use PC and Win 98, they all know this game and it was really really additive. But it’s also relaxing, a good choice to kill time in your office, or when waiting for someone.

Enjoy it – the Line 98 Standard!


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Line 98 Standard: Color Lines 1.3.4 IOS -Line 98 Standard: Color Lines 1.3.4 IOS -Line 98 Standard: Color Lines 1.3.4 IOS -Line 98 Standard: Color Lines 1.3.4 IOS -Line 98 Standard: Color Lines 1.3.4 IOS -

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