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Limo Multistory Parking

Limo Multistory Parking

Giới thiệu Limo Multistory Parking


Ready to drive and park big limousine? With its large rotation angle.
It could be difficult to park your limo big luxury car in the market where is very less space to adjust your car. This game would help you to learn parking turns. Feel like real luxury car driving. Feel the power of speed and power of breaks. Avoid obstacles as you face on the road in real life while parking on multi story parking plaza. Driving a limousine in this 3D parking game is not easy; it also depends on the type of limo you drive.
Be very careful with stopping, it takes longer to get a big stretch limo to stop than a regular sized vehicle basically, because it is much heavier than an ordinary vehicle. Remember make wider turns, turn slowly. Limo Multistory Parking gives you the chance to drive something else then a regular sized vehicle like car, truck, bus, etc. The big challenge in this 3D parking game is to finish the level before all the time is gone. So do not take too long to park your big limousine car. Sometimes you need to race to the parking spot, so you got enough time left to park the limousine.
Show your driving skills on steering and park the really big limo car on designated location and be aware of obstacles. In this game there are multiple cars with different colors and models, max speed, acceleration, breaking power and luxurious ever drive along with turning radius. Drive through a series of increasing difficulty parking tasks designed to challenge for best limousine car drivers.
In real car parking 3D there are such situations where you have to make reverse and forward for many times to park the cars in given exact time. In this game you can do a lot of practice which will be helpful to park your car in real life. Be careful while parking to not bump your car barriers. Drive luxury cars and park with high speed and accuracy on parking defined area.
Thank you for being a loyal user of Horizon Games! We value your support and look forward to creating many more moments of happiness for you.
Show your passion on hard car parking challenge.

Key features:
-Car crash and destruction.
-Easy controls with steering wheel and front or back paddle.
-Multiple views to park your limo easily.
-Improve your ability to park backward and forward.
-Realistic parking environment.
-Park the car without hitting any object.
-Different multistory parking challenges.
-Increase your limo driving experience.
-Real physics and graphics.
-Feel of parking in real life.


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Limo Multistory Parking 1.0 IOS -Limo Multistory Parking 1.0 IOS -Limo Multistory Parking 1.0 IOS -Limo Multistory Parking 1.0 IOS -Limo Multistory Parking 1.0 IOS -

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