Learn Spanish lessons for kids 1.0.1 IOS

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Learn Spanish lessons for kids

Learn Spanish lessons for kids

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This online education course offers a comprehensive program for kids from babies to toddlers and preschoolers to learn to read Spanish with well-structured Spanish lessons. Each Spanish lesson lasts 7-10 minutes with an effective combination of proven approaches in early childhood education.
In each lesson, kids will gradually develop their Spanish vocabulary through a huge source of colorful images and videos in order to fully understand meanings of Spanish words and phrases. All words are organized into topics familiar to kids. Our app also applies flashcards – one of the best tools for small children to learn Spanish and other foreign languages.
In addition, Spanish phonics rules are carefully integrated in every lesson. Each phonics rule contains 10 Spanish words, 4 of which are not only well illustrated by images and/or animated videos but also sounded out in different ways: slowly pronouncing each syllable and pronouncing the whole word normally. The others are displayed as flashcards. Therefore, kids can learn how to spell and speak Spanish correctly.
In the final part of each lesson, little students can review what they have learned by playing interesting educational games. Stars and stickers are rewarded as an encouragement for kids to learn Spanish and develop their language skills.

Let your child enjoy our app and you will surprised with his or her development in Spanish learning day by day!

Main features:
– Free online course
– Outstanding learn-to-read program
– Well-structured Spanish lessons
– 7-10 minutes each lesson
– Whole-word approach and phonics approach
– Proven early childhood education methods
– Improve reading comprehension
– Interesting educational games for kids
– Beautiful stickers available
– Offline access, learn Spanish anytime and anywhere


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Learn Spanish lessons for kids 1.0.1 IOS -Learn Spanish lessons for kids 1.0.1 IOS -Learn Spanish lessons for kids 1.0.1 IOS -Learn Spanish lessons for kids 1.0.1 IOS -Learn Spanish lessons for kids 1.0.1 IOS -

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