KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game 1.1 IOS

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KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game

KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game

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Dolls with different styles!
Rooms with cute items & pets!
Design & decorate doll houses!
Awesome room interior design!
Make pretty home – Save & Share!

Girls are you ready to play this awesome house decoration game? You can now create a cute dollhouse story. Become a professional interior designer and decorate houses for dolls. Choose between 5 cute dolls and 4 cute houses for dolls. Make different room interior design with plenty of patterns and colors for walls and floors. Add personalized furniture for each doll and add different accessorize for all the dolls. The cutest dolls are waiting for you to decorate their home. KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game app for free!

Girl, you’ll now be a master doll house designer. Choose your favorite doll. Design and decorate their house with fancy furniture and items of different styles and colors. Get KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game Girly Room Designer and have so much fun with adorable dolls and their pets!

Easy to use – Just touch the items and drag them wherever you want.
Save your design and share across major social networks.
Enjoy in dollhouse home decorating games!

House decoration app with beautiful dolls! Dollhouse decoration game for girls will take your breath away. Choose the wallpaper the floor color and add different items. You can also add cute pets. Kitty, puppy, bunny, bear or parrot. If you love playing dollhouse games for girls, download KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game and play house decoration games free! Decorate a fashionable home for your dolls. Paint the walls in different colors, add stylish furniture and play with modern accessorize for dolls. The prettiest among all house decoration and design games – KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game. Get this dollhouse new game!

Dollhouse playhouse – make your own doll story!

Choose a house with four, three or two rooms. All the dolls can live in different houses or they can be roommates and share the house. There are plenty of options in this virtual dollhouse game for girls.
Download KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game and start the fun. Doll house design game for dollhouse princess. Use awesome dollhouse ideas to play house decoration game and to make special dollhouse interior decoration.

Fabulous house decoration games for girls with adorable little pets! Enjoy in decorating virtual dollhouse and in playing dollhouse room game! Get ready for the dollhouse adventure and dollhouse craft!

If you like dollhouse games for girls you will certainly love this dollhouse decorating game.


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KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game 1.1 IOS -KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game 1.1 IOS -KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game 1.1 IOS -KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game 1.1 IOS -KiKi DollHouse Decoration Game 1.1 IOS -

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