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Kid Videos – game for kids

Kid Videos - game for kids

Giới thiệu Kid Videos – game for kids


Kid Videos is a game for kids that are designed with education purpose. This fun game will help kids to learn the sounds of animals, transports, musical instruments. Beside sounds, we also provide object names in English. So, through this sounds game your kids can learn and remember new word better and pronounce correctly.

* Easy to play
* High quality images
* Fun and interesting to learn
* Teach your kids to recognize objects
* Increase English vocabulary
With colorful image, the simple Kid Video – English For Kids certainly makes learning more fun for your kids.

* Kid Video teaches children how to read, speak & spell.
* Each lesson includes core vocabulary.
* Designed for kids aged from 3 to 10.
* Suitable for preschool children and kindergarten kids.


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Kid Videos - game for kids 1.1 IOS -Kid Videos - game for kids 1.1 IOS -Kid Videos - game for kids 1.1 IOS -Kid Videos - game for kids 1.1 IOS -Kid Videos - game for kids 1.1 IOS -

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