Holiday Match – Improve Kids Brain Power & Memory 2.1 IOS

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Holiday Match – Improve Kids Brain Power & Memory

Holiday Match - Improve Kids Brain Power & Memory

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Halloween, Christmas and a lot of other holiday,make this season the most exciting period of the year. And we are so glad to introduce the game ‘Holiday Match – Improve Kids Brain Power Game’.

Do you want to find an interesting and rewarding app and games for your phone? Or do you simply want to take a quiz competition quickly and laugh with family or your friend and when getting the victory?

You’ve come to the right place. Our new app ‘Holiday Match – Improve Kids Memory Game’ is a game that you cannot ignore. This game was not only developed with the unique high quality HD 3D images and sound but also can help your baby and even you train and improve memory and of course at the same time entertain you.

What are you waiting for? Click INSTALL for immediate download, it’s totally free of charge. This matching games for kids can be played offline and does not require internet connection.

How to play:
1 – Click Start to begin. 3 Choose your favourite topics
2 – Start to flip the cards and remember their location. If you flip two identical cells at the same time, you’re one step closer to winning it then.
3 – You can see how many cards you have turned and the total time.
The goal of the game is to decrease the number of card (tab) and total time (time) to win the 3 games.
You can let your babies and their friends compete to see who wins by the lowest number of flips as well as the least total time.

We will update more new theme soon so you can enjoy more challenge.
If you would like to support us, please vote 5 stars and share with friends and family offline.

Enjoy and have fun,

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Holiday Match - Improve Kids Brain Power & Memory 2.1 IOS -
Holiday Match - Improve Kids Brain Power & Memory 2.1 IOS -
Holiday Match - Improve Kids Brain Power & Memory 2.1 IOS -
Holiday Match - Improve Kids Brain Power & Memory 2.1 IOS -

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