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High School First Crush Story

High School First Crush Story

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Falling in love is a wonderful thing, and how much more wonderful is it when it’s your first time? In High School First Crush you can live that moment over again and again!

It’s time to get that funny feeling the pit of your stomach, you’ve got your first high school crush and you’re going on a date – everything has to be perfect!

With so many fun, exciting things to do, you’ll hardly notice the butterflies in your stomach as you get ready for your first date!

Hold your horses! Let’s start at the beginning! We know it’s totally exciting but you want to be looking your best for your first crush, don’t you? Okay, then! Let’s start nice and easy by doing our nails.

But before we even get polishing your nails, we need to give your hands a little exfoliating scrub. Nothing too harsh, apply some soothing gel, take out your brush and lather up your hands then gently rub it all off to make your hands look super beautiful!

Then it’s time to give those nails a trim and a file to make them nice and smooth and round. Now we can have fun putting on some new nails to paint any color we want! So pretty! But painting them is just the start, chose from loads of different designs and styles, funky, pretty, sparkling fun!

Nails done? Time for some make up! Wash your face first! Then clear away all those pimples and add some foundation. Now you’re ready for being beautiful! A little eye liner, some mascara, and some lip gloss – wow! Absolutely gorgeous!

Almost ready for our date – time for dress up!
So many wonderful clothes to choose from! Will you wear shorts or a skirt? Will it be a simple T-shirt or something a little more dressy? And what about your hair? Up or down? Natural colors or wild and funky? Whatever you choose, your date will love it!

But your date is in a spot of bother – his car neds fixing! Let’s help him out.
First, we should wash it to get all that muck off. A blast of water and some soapy suds then let the automatic brushes get to work shining that car up. A little bit more water and then a blow dry and the car looks fabulous! But let’s not forget those tyres need air! The paintwork needs fixing and so does the window, but we can do it – we’re not just beautiful, we’re clever and skilful too!

Hooray, it’s date time! Nothing too fancy, it’s a first date after all. Off to the coffee shop for a hot drink and a bite to eat. What will you have, coffee and cake or a smooth fruit juice? It’s much more fun if you make it yourself, especially the fruit smoothies! What a wonderful date!

Everyone has a good time in High School First Crush!

Have fun with BATOKI !


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High School First Crush Story 1.0 IOS -High School First Crush Story 1.0 IOS -High School First Crush Story 1.0 IOS -High School First Crush Story 1.0 IOS -High School First Crush Story 1.0 IOS -

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