High School Bus Driver – City Bus Simulator 2017 1.1 IOS

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High School Bus Driver – City Bus Simulator 2017

High School Bus Driver -  City Bus Simulator 2017

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The most realistic school bus driving simulation game ever to be published on the App store! You are being assigned to the task to bring the kids safely from their Bus Stop to their school. In “High School Bus Driver – City Bus Simulator 2017” you take on the role of an real life school bus driver.Here you just have to drive carefully and take the children to their destination safely. You have to be careful, its a big city simulator full of traffic, pedestrians and traffic lights. mind the laws of the roads.

All the kids are waiting for the school driver to arrive and pick them up. Please remember to always drive safe because your job brings many responsibilities. Drop the children at school before the final horn rings. Bus hill climbing combined with school driving is a new and adrenaline filled combination.

High School Bus Driver – City Bus Simulator 2017 offers you a job as a school Bus driver two game modes you have the option to go free roaming around in the City Or you can start working for a real public transportation service provider company, and work your way up the ranks , first you will be a novice completing easy pick and drop runs. As you progress you will get in more difficult situations making important decisions as stakes are high. We expect great things from you bus driver.

High School Bus Driver – City Bus Simulator 2017 GAME FEATURES
– The most realistic driving simulator history on the App store
– Swipe Across the Screen to put the Camera Wherever you Want
– You have to obey the traffic rules, incase if you didn’t obey the traffic rules you will be charged 300 $.
– Two different game modes go for the bus parking driver career path or jump behind the wheel in free ride mode.
– Different kind of buses from old school coaches to the most modern buses.
– Uphill mountain track to make your life more difficult BUT exciting , no one ever said coach driving would be easy but its fun


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