Grand Oil Truck Driver Simulation 1.2 IOS

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Grand Oil Truck Driver Simulation

Grand Oil Truck Driver Simulation

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Become road king with Grand Oil Truck Driver And transport oil from station to station.

Running heavy duty 4×4 wheeler trucks and transporting oil from one station to another has never been easy!

With Grand Oil Truck Driver you can be in the shoes of heavy truck driver and enjoy simulating heavy vehicle in 3D graphics.
Letís start driving monstrous vehicles with Grand Oil Truck Driver on a furious speed through different levels of this game with a limited time.

Your duty in this game is to fill up the oil tank from the main oil station which is located outside the city and deliver the oil or petrol to different sub petrol stations in the city.
Main objective is to maintain the petrol supply in the city. City Oil Truck Transporter is a real driving truck simulator game. Truck is attached with eight wheeler oil tanker.
Drive the oil tanker carefully with accuracy and precision and transport the oil without any crashes, accidents and damages because if you hit four times then game will be over.
Use the map for delivery of oil on different petrol station.


Amazing 3D graphics.
Heavy truck with a real drive.
Challenging environment.
Excellent dynamic position.
Excellent sound effect.
Map of town.
Clock is ticking so transport oil on time.


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Grand Oil Truck Driver Simulation 1.2 IOS -Grand Oil Truck Driver Simulation 1.2 IOS -Grand Oil Truck Driver Simulation 1.2 IOS -Grand Oil Truck Driver Simulation 1.2 IOS -Grand Oil Truck Driver Simulation 1.2 IOS -

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