Gold Miner Real Rush Digger: Truck Drive 3D 1.0 IOS

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Gold Miner Real Rush Digger: Truck Drive 3D

Gold Miner Real Rush Digger: Truck Drive 3D

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Get ready for mining the gold from the tunnel Truck and crane drivers are ready to go in the tunnels for refining the gold. Labor is working already in the gold mine you have to drive the truck and load the gold coins from the tunnel. The tunnel is very dangerous you will drop from the road if you lose your focus and your driving is the week. The train tracks are also placed in the tunnel for the gold rush. Machinery is placed in the tunnel which refines the rocks and digging for the tunnel. The workers are working and loading the digging material in the cart. For exploring the gems under the tunnel under sea level.

In this game, the environment of this game is based on the darkness of the tunnel and the fire torches are placed on the walls of the tunnel for emitting the lights for the crane and truck drivers. The tasks in this game will increase with the increase of the levels the purpose of this game is to collect the gold and drop at a fixed place. The roads are in the shape of zigzag position you have to focus on driving. The different and very powerful truck are included in this game the first truck is unlocked and rest of the trucks are locked you can unlock them from the reward which is XPS points after complete the levels or you can simply buy all the trucks from In-App purchases in just 2.99$.


– Extreme truck driving
– Environment is very heart touching
– Collect the gold from mine
– Drop the gold coins and complete the levels


– Excellent Handel for the crane
– Loading the gold in the truck from using the handle button
– Buttons for the left and right
– Race button for accelerate
– Brake button to slow down
– Camera setting button

Gold Miner Rush Truck Drive will be updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.



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