Girlfriend Photo Editor Selfie 1.0 IOS

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Girlfriend Photo Editor Selfie

Girlfriend Photo Editor Selfie

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Do you want to add girls to your photos? With this complete tool you’ll be able to add photos of beautiful girls to your own photos.
Whether you want to add a woman to your photos or simply add a girlfriend, you can do it with this gf photo editor.
Main features of this app:
– My photo with a girl: the main feature of this app is that you can get a photo with gf to show off to your friends or simply use it to make a joke.
– Huge selection of woman pics: we have prepared a great collection for your photos.
– Different poses and positions: you will find a complete list of fantastic girls organized by category based on their poses: full body, half body, sitting, etc. So whether you want to take a selfie with girlfriend or just a normal photo, you can do it all without any hassles.
– Complete photo editor: you can move, rotate, and resize these models to create the best photomontages.
– Filters and retouching photos: you can add different filters to edit the image and get spectacular results.
– Add stickers or emoticons.
– Share the montages with your friends and family.
We hope that this photo editor will be to your liking. If you have suggestions or comments to improve it please let us know.


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Girlfriend Photo Editor Selfie 1.0 IOS -Girlfriend Photo Editor Selfie 1.0 IOS -Girlfriend Photo Editor Selfie 1.0 IOS -

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