get ready for camping dressup 2.0.0 IOS

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get ready for camping dressup

get ready for camping dressup

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we have this girl loves to go camping with her family, even though she isn’t a big fan of bugs! She needs to pack her bug spray along with some other essential items. knows the best thing to do in fall, camping! She goes camping this weekend with her friends. Okay, so maybe she doesn’t need to pack everything she owns. She could probably leave out her childhood stuffed animal and the picture of her with her. She is so excited about this and doesn’t know how to dress up or what to take with her for camping. Over packing can be a problem, but if you wear the right outfit on the way to your destination it can help with the stress. You can help girl pick out an outfit that will be comfortable for her weekend of camping, and she can focus on finishing her packing. Hopefully she leaves a few things behind so there is room in the car for her family! Help her to dress up properly and then find the necessary items for camping on her checklist in her room. Since she is in a little rush, she only has 3 minutes to find the items on the checklist.


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