Gas Station Parking Service: Car Driving Simulator 1.0 IOS

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Gas Station Parking Service: Car Driving Simulator

Gas Station Parking Service: Car Driving Simulator

Giới thiệu Gas Station Parking Service: Car Driving Simulator


Do you love parking games?
Try your hand at controlling all kinds of vehicles including cars, trucks and busses, all with their own unique handling and driving challenges. Here we are with the latest parking game to test your parking skills, but this time your parking test is not in parking garage but you have to park car , bus , fuel oil tanker truck in gas station service parking.Drive and Park a wide variety of different vehicles at the Service Station. Stop for gas at the pumps. Clean your car through the Car Wash. Or just pop into the store to take a break.

How quickly can you pass the missions?
We are looking for best gas station car parker for our new luxury cars parking purpose so if you think that you are talented person and want to do this petrol pump car parking job then must participate in this Gas Station Parking Service: Car Driving Simulator game and become the gas station parking champ of 2017. There are multiple portions in this gas station parking game like car washing and repairing garage. Repair your car at very low cost. This is awesome & best game if you want to play a service station game parking with latest model cars. Buy a brand new vehicle from our car, truck & bus stand. Chose an elegant and latest model and heavy vehicle of your choice. Your mission starts with driving and ends with parking. This will be a good addition in 2017 parking games.

No age restriction is announced for this parking test so all can be a part of this amazing gas truck parking game. Drive crazy cars around the city and stop at gas station for refueling. Park car precisely and get good control of sports cars. Keep an eye on the fuel needle and search for a petrol pump before needle drops. Drive and Park different vehicles like oil tanker fuel truck , city bus and car at car service station. Clean your automobile in the car wash and refill gas for the next drive. Master your car parking skills with the well designed gas station car driving game. Park car precisely at city petrol pump for refueling. Start the new challenge game 2017. Enjoy the unique challenging of gas station parking game to boost up your city car driving skills.

Start engine and enjoy driving & parking in the most amazing gas station parking simulator and explore new city

Play as expert car driver in city to experience the thrill of city driving and parking simulator game. This Gas Station Parking Service: Car Driving Simulator game have many challenging levels for parking lovers so roll up your sleeves click the engine button and start to explore the beautiful city. Avoid scratching, crash and destroy to hitting other cars or side walls. You are the pro master driver of car parking adventure missions. Avoid drift, hitting, crashes, body paint scratches and smashes. Follow the highlighted checkpoints as car parking spot locator. Avoid the barriers and other obstacles for accurate car parking in multi-storey gas stations. Gas Station Parking Service: Car Driving Simulator is an amazing gas station simulator game 2017 that requires highest level of expertise! The parking situation in this parking game will require you to show top skills in steering, acceleration, and obstacle avoidance to get luxurious vehicles parked in parking places. As the parking lot driver, you will drive the awesome cars around corners, obstacles, and parking lot borders with speed and accuracy. Keep enjoying this amazing game for several hours by just clicking download button good luck!

Features of Gas Station Parking Service: Car Driving Simulator

– Latest models of the sports car and luxury cars.
– Realistic Gameplay and environment of the Game
– Different Camera Angles for car parking.
– Realistic Sounds of the cars buses and oil tanker transporter truck
– More Fun.
– Improve your driving skills
– Learn to park a wide range of vehicles
– Realistic driving physics & smooth controls
– Beautiful city environment with multiple vehicles
– Challenging parking spots


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Gas Station Parking Service: Car Driving Simulator 1.0 IOS -Gas Station Parking Service: Car Driving Simulator 1.0 IOS -Gas Station Parking Service: Car Driving Simulator 1.0 IOS -

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