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Future Combat Training

Future Combat Training

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From the makers of “US Army Combat Training School”, we present an enthralling army training school game. Brace yourself as you are about to enter the futuristic city where renown train transform robot, airplane robot transform an several other x robot autobots get their army basic training robot fighting and robot combat training so that they are able to take down the autobots in the future robot wars.

Get ready for the futuristic robot military training and assault course in the army training school where robot autobots are trained to participate in the futuristic robot war. The survival training course trains the steel robot autobots for close combat, target shooting and defense tactics with military training dummy robots. The military school is significant at the real robot transformation training and producing best future robot transform action figures.

Experience war robots survival training in the best military academy for the futuristic robot war. This monster robot military school game has amazing assault course missions in different levels. Starting from thrilling rings collecting missions to bullets and gun firing of the real robot on the army basic training target robots. The Army training school has US army robot force for training the war robots for the worst case scenarios. The military academy training course ensures the monster robot transformation action be at its best to and from the x robot car by the end of the course.


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Future Combat Training 1.0 IOS -Future Combat Training 1.0 IOS -Future Combat Training 1.0 IOS -Future Combat Training 1.0 IOS -

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