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Fun English Songs (SE)

Fun English Songs (SE)

Giới thiệu Fun English Songs (SE)


Music and language go hand in hand. Sing basic English and test your musical skill with these ten music games from Studycat. Learn colors in “A Purple Cat” or vehicles in “What can fly?”. Hit the words in time and score big!

Learning English is easy because these songs are fun.

Fun English Songs is…

A set of ten totally original songs by Studycat, each one an interactive game of rhythm and skill that teaches basic English.


Ten interactive singing and rhythm games.

• The Colours Song – “A Purple Cat”
• The Animals Song – “Animals Up There”
• The Numbers Song – “Space Numbers”
• The Food Song – “The Mood for Food”
• The Vehicles Song – “What Can Fly?”
• The Body Song – “He Has Two Hands”
• The Fruit Song – “Fruity Tune”
• The Clothes Song – “The Pig’s Dress”
• The House Song – “My Amazing House”
• The Sea Animals Song – “A Whale is Bigger”

Fun English Songs are also available within our Fun English app. If you have already purchased Fun English, please do not purchase this app.

About Us

People learn by playing! This is the most true for children and language. Language teachers around the world know that games are the quickest way to teach. They must be imaginative and there must be a great variety.

Our apps are designed to provide beginning language learners with an ever-increasing variety of games to ignite their natural language abilities. Players test their dexterity while learning all the building blocks of language.

We believe that fun and humour are essential elements of language education.

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Fun English Songs (SE) 16.7.1 IOS -Fun English Songs (SE) 16.7.1 IOS -Fun English Songs (SE) 16.7.1 IOS -Fun English Songs (SE) 16.7.1 IOS -Fun English Songs (SE) 16.7.1 IOS -

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