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Farm Dream House Builder

Farm Dream House Builder

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Kids! What about building a tiny dream house in the farms? There are acres of lands in the village is free to build a beautiful farmhouse on it among lush green grass and trees. So build a seaside farms for your family outside your town with number of tools. The farmer lives here that cultivate fields with his tool like tractor, harvest machine, wheel cart, steal broom etc. that is used for food. Little gardener grow plants on the island and use horse for riding. Riding is much fun than to drive or to take flight or any other source of travel.
Kids can learn gardening by building home sweet home in this healthy environment. Cut dried flowers and be like an assistant of your mommy and dad to build a house. It’s a good activity to take extreme care of pet animals after school. Chick, cows and their babies love to play with your and baby pets like human beings.
Life becomes amazing in the countryside because it is close to nature when you eat healthy and live healthy. Your food consists of fresh vegetation and pure milk, yogurt, cheese and the meat you have is freshly slaughtered chicken, mutton, beef or fish. Packed food is not as tasty as the fresh one.
Construct your dream house here and enjoy a healthy life city far from the rush and traffic of the city. Construction is very easy as it is a simple way to build a home with woods. After building, design your home with paints of different colors and plants of beautiful flower.
Farm dream house builder is an epic farming simulator for kids. If you want some more building games for girls click more games button on the main page of our game and you’ll find lots of great casual games for kids. so download for free and must rate us.


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Farm Dream House Builder 1.0 IOS -Farm Dream House Builder 1.0 IOS -Farm Dream House Builder 1.0 IOS -Farm Dream House Builder 1.0 IOS -Farm Dream House Builder 1.0 IOS -

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