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Fancy Fruit Vocabulary Game

Fancy Fruit Vocabulary Game

Giới thiệu Fancy Fruit Vocabulary Game


This is a simple game for children, help children learn how to spell and recognize words in English in a better way. With funny pictures for babies, this simple game has a very good education and help improve her English skills every day. The lessons are designed to make your baby smart thinking and can recognize images from pictures, putting together words into syllables to make your baby logic and flexible to identify the structure of words.

Along with the Fancy Fruit Vocabulary Game the aim of learn Words for toddlers baby is to :

1. fruit and vegetable vocabulary daily english practice.
2. fruit and vegetable vocabulary toddler writing toddlers baby.
3. fruit and vegetable vocabulary words activities with pictures.
4. fruit and vegetable drag and drop shadow match games.
5. fruit and vegetable touch match pictures.

Featuring three games in one :

Shadow Match :
Find the shadow that exactly matches the pictuer .drag and drop shadow match games. and sound out words with fun phonics.

Spelling :
Fruit and vegetable spelling vocabulary, and sound out words with fun phonics.

Flash card Memories :
One of the way to stimulate brain activity for toddlers as well as improving their Memories and attention span.


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Fancy Fruit Vocabulary Game 1.0 IOS -Fancy Fruit Vocabulary Game 1.0 IOS -Fancy Fruit Vocabulary Game 1.0 IOS -Fancy Fruit Vocabulary Game 1.0 IOS -Fancy Fruit Vocabulary Game 1.0 IOS -

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