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Fairy tales: Good morning

Fairy tales: Good morning

Giới thiệu Fairy tales: Good morning


Yesterday we played bedtime stories and said Good Night to all the citizens of Hippo Town. But the alarm clock has rang and Hippo Town must wake up! Hurry up to say Good Morning to all the citizens of Hippo Town. The game Good Morning, Hippy! is the sequel of our beloved story. This time we have created new logical tasks, amazing bright images and funny puzzles for boys and girls. Educational games for kids and kid fairytales become much more interesting, vivid and exciting!

Every citizen of Hippo sea town has its own interesting tasks every morning. Together with our characters we will brush teeth, take shower, do morning exercises, clean house, prepare breakfast and even work with the difficult mechanism of a huge lighthouse! But not every citizen of Hippo town can wake up with a sound of an alarm clock. Daddy Leo has 3 alarm clocks, and every morning he has a fight with them with a help of his pillows and slippers. Let’s help Daddy Leo wake up and say Good Morning to him. Then he could brush his teeth, take a shower and full of energy he can invite his stories and fairy tales in his cabinet. What interesting logical tasks and amazing pictures are waiting for us in the pirate cafe of Uncle Raccoon and in the old ancient lighthouse? What do pirate cook and cabin boy do in the morning? And how many interesting tasks has Mommy Jozie in the morning? All this you are going found out in a new exciting game Good Morning, Hippy!

The games from series Good Morning and Good Night are exciting fairy tales with educational elements, which are suitable for both boys and girls. Moreover, this new game, as well as all our educational games for kids, is absolutely for free! Stay tuned, stay with us and have a lot of fun, playing with your kids our free educational games.


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Fairy tales: Good morning 1.2 IOS -Fairy tales: Good morning 1.2 IOS -Fairy tales: Good morning 1.2 IOS -Fairy tales: Good morning 1.2 IOS -Fairy tales: Good morning 1.2 IOS -

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