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Fairy Princess-Outfits

Fairy Princess-Outfits

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Emma. She owned a beautiful set of outfits called the Angel Dress, which included a pair of glass slippers, a tiara, a wand, a necklace and a beautiful blue dress. But…one day, a jealous and naughty witch stole the Angel Dress and hid it in five different kingdoms! Children! Do you want to know how the story continues?

Welcome to The Fairy Princess’ Kingdom. Join Miumiu, the fairy godmother, and help Emma! This is a disaster, kids! The princess needs your help! She is looking for her beautiful clothes in five different kingdoms and the magic is everywhere. Watch out though, the naughty witch won´t help you solve this.

Fun features:

– Five kingdoms to discover!
– Lots of clothing items to try on!
– A world of fun and adventure is waiting for you!

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Fairy Princess-Outfits 9.21.1000 IOS -
Fairy Princess-Outfits 9.21.1000 IOS -
Fairy Princess-Outfits 9.21.1000 IOS -
Fairy Princess-Outfits 9.21.1000 IOS -
Fairy Princess-Outfits 9.21.1000 IOS -

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