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Face & Body Piercing Studio

Face & Body Piercing Studio

Giới thiệu Face & Body Piercing Studio


Get ready for complete face or body makeover brought to you by Face & Body Piercing Studio! Get your own piercing studio for free and add some jewelry to your nose, eyebrow, lip, tongue, wherever you want in fact, with no pain. All you need to do is paste piercing stickers from this salon to your pic. Scale, zoom in or out, move around the picture to make a perfect match, and your photo montage is ready to be saved. Or, if you wish, you can directly share it on major social networks! Download now and enter the world of professional photography!

* Add piercing to photo with no pain or effort
* A photo booth with stickers of piercing jewelry
* Most contemporary design of the earrings
* Upload an image or take a new one
* Paste any of the numerous stickers you find suitable
* Scale, move around and adjust to your face or body
* Save the pic
* Share on social networks

Embellish your pics with ease in your personal salon, pull pranks with your friends and family, add a nose piercing to your face and have fun watching their reactions! Plenty of piercing ideas will be of great use to those who want to try out some designs before they go to a real piercing salon and have a body part pierced. If you ever wanted to create piercing pictures, this is your opportunity, feel free to try out all of the photo editor stickers from the collection and add earrings to various places on your body. Would it be the nose, eyebrow, chin, or maybe your belly button – it all up to you!


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