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Escape Ancient ruins

Escape Ancient ruins

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Very with attraction of situation Chamber escape experience,creative extraordinary of Chamber escape type of new game,very Rod! let players can had through himself of eyes and hands,after logic thinking and observation,constantly of found clues and tips,can smooth of escape.whole process full has unknown sex and uncertainty,in tension of scene atmosphere in the,real of into to story virtual scene in the to,this is a was excited of game,a new of 3D room escape game.to escape out room or this simulation environment,Hidden object very key,you need solution different of task.so,you can found different of object combined these project success to escape out here.Chamber escape game,large of mystery problem,provoked you of brain,very with challenging of mystery problem,the game of purpose is open door.get free,using Chamber in the all hidden of object to solution problem,to into next Chamber or Xia about simulation environment.In this fun,addictive,free and popular puzzle game challenges.the operation is very simple,through a variety of actions,click,slide,g-sensor,and so on for the game.Each scene is a puzzle,each door is a mystery,clues in the scene through the game cracked open the door,a lot of very difficult puzzle game,constantly updated.In this fun,addictive,free and popular puzzle game to challenge yourself.exercising analytical and reasoning skills,you can play on your phone or tablet,no matter where you can experience the great fun,if you think that’s funny or you can share it with your friends,you can finish it? let’s get started.
The game features:
Mental training!
Fluid motion!
Smartphone puzzles!
Addictive little puzzle!
Gorgeous graphics and different theme rooms!
Constantly updated new room!
It is free!
Come and try it!


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Escape Ancient ruins 1.1.0 IOS -Escape Ancient ruins 1.1.0 IOS -Escape Ancient ruins 1.1.0 IOS -Escape Ancient ruins 1.1.0 IOS -Escape Ancient ruins 1.1.0 IOS -

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File Size: 40,440.00 MB
Phiên bản: 1.1.0
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Ngày cập nhật: 2016-01-28 01:11:10

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