Egyptian & Underwater Civilizations hidden objects puzzle game 1.0 IOS

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Egyptian & Underwater Civilizations hidden objects puzzle game

Egyptian & Underwater Civilizations hidden objects puzzle game

Giới thiệu Egyptian & Underwater Civilizations hidden objects puzzle game


A Lots of objects ready to be discovered in the mystery sites under the sea bed and in the middle of deserts. You will be searching historic mystery items and hoards like a detective, in the under sea society there will be a lot of precioaus secret hidden items you will have to explore find them out cleverly beware of sharks in the sea you will be given time in each level to search and hunt for the items. There will be dark and confusing sites it might get challenging to explore hidden objects there.
In Egyptian hidden objects game there will be world mystery landscapes and sites full of ancient Egypt hidden objects once used by historic Egyptians. Items and the sites are so beautiful that keep the user interested. Keep an eye on time while you are playing in each level you will have to find out 12 hidden objects.
It’s our top free fun hidden objects full game designed to meet the needs of audience. Let’s start the adventure and challenge your friends.

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