Dumper Truck – 3D Transporter Crane Operator 1.0 IOS

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Dumper Truck – 3D Transporter Crane Operator

Dumper Truck – 3D Transporter Crane Operator

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Test your skills as a specialist dumper truck driver and transport construction material with excavator and construction cranes. Construction work has started in the city while your job is to carry out all the transportation of construction materials to one point to another with the help of different heavy machinery.

First, dump all the garbage with the help of loader truck and dump truck. Secondly, tackle heavy crane carefully and execute all the necessary chores in firm city construction. Thirdly, transport, construction material on a heavy loader truck to a said city construction site.

A pure delight when it comes to excavator simulator games where one needs to handle excavator crane and heavy excavator at the same time. This game is a latest arrival in dumper truck simulation sensation mobile games where you will play as a crane operator for smooth city construction.

Not only just crane, your task will be to drive and handle container truck as well. Six exciting simulation levels will also provide you exceptional dumper truck driving skills for your fun of transport truck game.


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Dumper Truck – 3D Transporter Crane Operator 1.0 IOS -Dumper Truck – 3D Transporter Crane Operator 1.0 IOS -Dumper Truck – 3D Transporter Crane Operator 1.0 IOS -Dumper Truck – 3D Transporter Crane Operator 1.0 IOS -

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