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Driving School Sim 2016 Pro

Driving School Sim 2016 Pro

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Driving school games can be frequently seen and played from the stores, but none of these driving school simulator, tests your proper driving skills through adequately designed driving test modes. This driving test simulator would ensure that you go through a proper testing system, before issuing you a unrestricted car driving license, off course through the help of driving instructor and appropriate driving test.

We will ensure that all the road rules are properly met before issuing you any kind of driver license. Traffic lights, stop signs, give ways and roundabout are all there for testing purpose. Your car driving skills will be under radar on motorways and in different school zones, also in work zone and emergency scenarios.

Keep an eye on your speedometer in work zones, school zone and specially near pedestrians in this driving school simulator. Use of proper blinkers would help you earn extra points, if you want to unlock other cars for special driving test. So make sure you take a few driving lesson before hoping on this driving test simulator. All these features and a lot more would easily make this driving school games best of all driving school 2016 games.
You will also be tested on all kind of reverse car parking in these kind of driving school games.

– Amazing 3d environment
– Intelligent traffic and traffic lights
– Game starts with driving lesson through driving instructor.
– Unrestricted driver license is issued only on completion of all testing modes.
– Effective traffic lights and roundabouts are all in place
– Realistic damage system.
– Smooth Tilt, buttons and steering controls
– Don’t hit the gutters in reverse car parking.


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Driving School Sim 2016 Pro 1.11 IOS -Driving School Sim 2016 Pro 1.11 IOS -Driving School Sim 2016 Pro 1.11 IOS -Driving School Sim 2016 Pro 1.11 IOS -Driving School Sim 2016 Pro 1.11 IOS -

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