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Doll Fashion Dream Makeover

Doll Fashion Dream Makeover

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It is a very interesting girls game at where you can do the doll makeover at the spa salon for girls. But before that, the shopping girl will do the shopping of her dress, jewelry and makeup for the celebration. Then this kite mall girl will do the shopping of kites and threads. The kite mall girl will pick the kites and threads of her favorite color.
After the shopping of kite mall girl for the celebrations, this shopping girl will go to the spa salon for girls. For any celebration, doll makeover is very important. That’s why in this girls game, the spa salon for girls will give a doll makeover to look like a dream doll. In this spa salon for girls, she will do all doll fashions to look like a dream doll.
After this doll makeover at spa salon for girls, the dream doll will look very pretty. And now it’s time to show her kite flying skills. There will be a face-to-face competition of kite flying in this girls game and the winner will get the points.
At the end of this girls game, celebrations will happen.


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Doll Fashion Dream Makeover 1.0 IOS -Doll Fashion Dream Makeover 1.0 IOS -Doll Fashion Dream Makeover 1.0 IOS -Doll Fashion Dream Makeover 1.0 IOS -Doll Fashion Dream Makeover 1.0 IOS -

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