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Dinosaur Fun Games

Dinosaur Fun Games

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We offer you a menu with five options. You can choose the option you like the most. You’re going to find a lot of options in the game: memory games, logic games, interactive and entertainment games, observations games.
It’s very simple; choose amongst the different options on the menu:

– Puzzle of dinos: Solve the different animals’ puzzles. A memory game to develop the logic thinking, the visual perception and the psychomotor skills.

– Magic paint: Try to paint with accuracy these dinosaurs. With the magic marker you can color the image in an automatic way and use the whole color palette.

– Memory: Memory game of animals. It’s the classic memory .You have to find pairs of dinos in order to train your memory.

– Differences: Discover differences and look for differences

– Labyrinths Dinosaurs: A logic game in which you will enjoy looking for the exit to the labyrinth. There are different levels in which you will have to help the animal find the way out of the labyrinth.


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Dinosaur Fun Games 1.3 IOS -Dinosaur Fun Games 1.3 IOS -Dinosaur Fun Games 1.3 IOS -Dinosaur Fun Games 1.3 IOS -

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