DereHelper -Deresute Assistant 1.1 IOS

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DereHelper -Deresute Assistant

DereHelper -Deresute Assistant

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DereHelper is an auxiliary query tool application for the game idol master Cinderella girl starlight stage (デレステ).

Provide the following features:
1. View idol information: including attributes, special effects, skills, MV and other information
2. View songs and spectrum information: Display the classification, characteristics, difficulty and other information of the song
3. Simulation team: You can customize the idol team and calculate the team’s song score.
4. Activity information, role information inquiry, song information inquiry: Provide the latest activity information, as well as query activities, roles, song functions, and provide a variety of screening conditions for querying.
5. Idol birthday reminder: Open the idol birthday reminder, when the birthday of the idol is coming, the application will remind you on time.
6. Analog draw: Simulate the draw function in the game to understand the idol information after the card is drawn

Note: When you use it for the first time, you need to download about 40 MB of data files from the network (without pictures, pictures will be downloaded and cached locally when accessed). It is recommended to use the wireless network to use the application.

DereHelper is an unofficial app that has nothing to do with the game idol master Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage (デレステ).


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