Dare to Escape – 100 Doors & Rooms 4 IOS

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Dare to Escape – 100 Doors & Rooms

Dare to Escape - 100 Doors & Rooms

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Daring escapes is the hand-picked collections of three best amusing escape games of 37 levels from ENA Game Studio. These three games cover the different genres of escape games, which will be the best choice for the escape game lovers.

Game Story:
The first game of 8 levels is about the rescue of a bunny, which was kidnapped on the day before Easter. You need to rescue it as soon as possible because the bunny needs to deliver the easter eggs on the Easter day. The second game of 13 levels is how the thief is being honored for his brilliance. It’s about how an ordinary thief becomes a gangster. The third game of 17 levels is different games revolving with the compelling stories. All these free escape games include the famous room escapes, best rescues, fantasy background, archaeological mysteries, horror and so on. Now all these 37 games are available for you to toss it to select. Now it is your choice to play the games. So, there is no doubt that these new escape games will easily make you realize that you are playing the best escape games of 2017. These ‘Point And Click Type New Escape Games’ are developed and released by Ena Game Studio.

Need MORE COINS? Play Mesmerizing mini games

Need to DOUBLE YOUR COINS? Challenge the puzzle

Need UNLIMITED COINS? Play the game Again and Again

Want to Feel difference? Play the Hidden Games

Need ELITE EXCITEMENT? Play all these Games

Attractive Game plays(More than 28 hours).
A difference in storylines.
Alluring visuals in 2D Graphics
A variety of Genres.
124 brain-teasing puzzles.
Amazing picturesque locations.
Highly efficient Game in Low memory Usage.


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Dare to Escape - 100 Doors & Rooms 4 IOS -Dare to Escape - 100 Doors & Rooms 4 IOS -Dare to Escape - 100 Doors & Rooms 4 IOS -Dare to Escape - 100 Doors & Rooms 4 IOS -Dare to Escape - 100 Doors & Rooms 4 IOS -

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