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Daily Tarot Card Reading

Daily Tarot Card Reading

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Would you like to have a fortune teller on your phone? Of course you would! This Tarot Card Reading and Daily Horoscope can answer all of your questions. Everyone is curious about what future brings. Now here’s the perfect app for all your doubts about possible outcomes and your fate. With the help of Tarot cards, Numerology and Horoscope, you can find out many things about your personality, love relationships or career growth. You have a question, consult tarot and spread the cards! Get the quick response with 3-card spread or a more detailed 6-card spread or get the answer to your Yes/No question. Find out everything about your personality with the help of Numerology – calculate your Life Path number and get your analysis. Read you daily horoscope or your relationship horoscope. Whether you believe in tarot and astrology or not, at least, do it for fun. Once you start, you will love it.

– 3-card spread with cards that show your Love, Future or Career predictions.
– 6-card spread to explain your Personality, Desires, Fears, Advantages, Obstacles and the Outcome
– Yes/No Tarot to quickly answer your question
– Numerology – Calculate your Life Path number
– Couples’ Numerology – check the compatibility between your and your partner’s number
– Daily horoscope for all zodiac signs, updated every day
– Calculate the horoscope sign of your relationship and read your couples’ horoscope

If you want to have future predictions using this tarot app, first, choose if you want to have a 3-card or a 6-card spread. Then, choose the cards and wait for the card meanings. You will get a brief and precise description for every card you pick. Yet, it is an easy to use app. If you need an answer to your Yes/No question, consult Tarot. If you want to read your daily horoscope, just select your zodiac sign and you will get your horoscope. Calculate your Life Path number, or your relationship’s horoscope sign with the help of this amazing app. If you are curious about your future, get this Tarot Reading and Daily Horoscope app and find out everything now!


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