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Cute Phone Toy Animal Sound

Cute Phone Toy Animal Sound

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Is your baby too fond of these mobile phone devices? Reaching and sneaking near your phone punching in dial numbers or rummaging through your music play list? Don’t worry; we are introducing a mini baby phone of toddler owned inside a real phone! This baby phone kid’s game is an app for baby to make their learning age and toddler buddy probing more productive through such educational games.

This game is suitable for baby years 2 to 6 which is the best toddler learning age for your baby buddy. This infant baby phone game allows your toddler buddy to experiment new ways of learning and experimenting with the new tidbits of educational baby phone kids game.

The baby phone has interactive color buttons for each baby counting number, which helps them learn to count and recognize numbers. Each number has a background voice to baby counting numbers to help the baby learn quick and steady.

The baby phone is a play phone inside a real phone which gives baby buddy a sense of achievement. The baby play phone helps the infant to learn how to dial number and which will pretend calling an animal oozing animal sound and voices with the shape of the animal visible on the screen.

Each animal has its own distinct shape, animal sound and dial number. In the next feature the baby will be allowed to enjoy baby music sounds which they will play and learn its associations with the baby counting and animal sounds.
The baby app is the kid’s brain trainer in the toddler learning age through educational baby phone game. The babies play phone also offers creating baby lullaby, which helps the baby along with the parents learn new fancy box of lullaby’s and keep the baby calm.

Each lullaby can be created by a dial number which when pressed create lullaby songs of your baby preference helping them to relax and sleep. This game for babies is a full package of preschool learning without any baby fuss issues.
This game for babies is your requirement for better educational learning of your baby, so download this baby app today!!

How to play?
Click play baby phone game
Let the baby toy phone game load
Follow the background guide voice
Press click on the dial numbers
Connect to the relevant animal sound
Press the music button to create lullaby or music
Press the animal sound button
Learn animal names
Features of baby phone
Baby game
9 different animal sounds
Background voice guide
Interactive music play
Animal shapes and names
Music or lullaby creating dial numbers


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Cute Phone Toy Animal Sound 1.0 IOS -Cute Phone Toy Animal Sound 1.0 IOS -Cute Phone Toy Animal Sound 1.0 IOS -Cute Phone Toy Animal Sound 1.0 IOS -Cute Phone Toy Animal Sound 1.0 IOS -

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