Cute Love Stickers for Photos 1.2 IOS

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Cute Love Stickers for Photos

Cute Love Stickers for Photos

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Is there a better way to have more fun than with an adorable photo stickers editor? No, there is not! Be the queen of photography decoration with Cute Love Stickers for Photos! Get some fantastic deco ideas for your pics and use many cute stickers to make your own work of art. Add stickers, stamps, and love texts to your selfies, BFF funny pics, or pictures with your boyfriend! Download the app for free and have fun like never before!

* Pick a sticker from the biggest collection of cute love stickers
* Add sweet love photo decorations and stamps
* Drag the sticker with your finger and place it on the pic
* Adjust it the way you like it: change its position, zoom in, zoom out, erase…
* Share pics with your friends on social networks
* The cutest picture decorator with kawaii photo stickers

Be inspired by love and follow the latest trend in photography editing. Choose your prettiest photograph, add your favorite photo sticker and put text on images with ease because our photo editor is so easy to use. We chose the cutest pic decorations from the sticker market and made this extraordinary love photo sticker app to beautify your images. Use this girly app to make happy birthday cards with a lovely message and happy birthday stickers to decorate your master piece. Be creative and imaginative and show your friends that you have the most beautiful love stamps to beautify pictures. Download for free and put some love stamps on your pictures today!


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Cute Love Stickers for Photos 1.2 IOS -Cute Love Stickers for Photos 1.2 IOS -Cute Love Stickers for Photos 1.2 IOS -Cute Love Stickers for Photos 1.2 IOS -Cute Love Stickers for Photos 1.2 IOS -

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