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Crash Course: Monster Truck

Crash Course: Monster Truck

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Huge Wheels, Puny cars, Just look at them getting Crushed.
Monster Truck, Monster TRUCK, MONSTER TRUCK!! Can you hear the Chant of the Spectators, They are all here for you, All these amazing fans, and you are here to do what you love, Destroy, Crush and Crash all cars with your Mean Machine.
Everyone Loves Destruction, as the debris fly and the cracking sound of glass breaking envelopes you, You stay glued to the sight of total annihilation as you stay seated calmly in your Monster Truck.

Not only is this a destruction game, you also get to be a car driver, as you do some serious hill climbing in the amazing offroad safari area, Don’t be fooled this may look like a desert safari adventure, but the offroad safari is only part of the package, you get to find some dangerous hills to climb as you embark on the drivers highway quest for renegade.
Your only nemesis is your own limitations, Break free from you own restrictions and become one with the Monster Truck.

Game Mechanics:
– Race against Time in your Monster truck.
– Avoid Obstacles including landmines, bombs and explosive barrels
– Drive through quicksand with Special Gear,
– Get checkpoints while truck driving
– Unlock more Monster Trucks and get more score as you finish the levels faster


– Amazing Monster Truck Gameplay
– Realistic Physics of Monster High School Bus, Truck Driving and demolition Derby
– 10 levels to chose from.
– Gyroscopic steering, on-screen Steering wheel or simple buttons. Drive as you chose
– Phenomenal Offroad Desert Safari environment
– 8 Fantastic Monster truck Models to chose from
– Free roam, pro and easy mode
– 2 hours of gameplay


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Crash Course: Monster Truck 1.0 IOS -Crash Course: Monster Truck 1.0 IOS -Crash Course: Monster Truck 1.0 IOS -Crash Course: Monster Truck 1.0 IOS -Crash Course: Monster Truck 1.0 IOS -

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