cool math games ks1, ks2 – Counting, addition 1.6.0 IOS

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cool math games ks1, ks2 – Counting, addition

cool math games ks1, ks2 - Counting, addition

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Kids will learn:
1. Counting
2. Addition
3. Subtraction
4. Multiplication ( times tables)
5. Division
6. Comparison
7. Fraction
8. Math memory

– This game teaching kids counting, compare, addition, subtraction, multiplication tables, division tables, fraction by using pictures to make it VERY EASY AND VISUAL for kids understand.

– 1st grade math kids learn counting, compare, addition and subtraction with # of range: 0 to 10; 0 to 20; 0 to 50; 0 to 100. It easier to learn.

– Advantage of game is add new mode matching game (memory game) make it easy for kids to improve their short-term memory and speed recognition skills while learning math.

– It is GREAT, VERY NATURALLY WAY to learn math counting, compare, addition, subtraction, times tables and division tables.

– Suggest will show after 2 seconds if kids don’t answer.

A child should start to learn what numbers are, what order they belong in and how to write them before he begins kindergarten. Start exposing the child to numbers from when he is a year old so that he will be familiar with them by the time he reaches preschool. Integrate numbers into the child’s everyday activities and make learning them as fun as possible. If parents and preschool teachers focus on teaching numbers, the child should be comfortable recognizing and writing numbers zero through nine by the time he starts kindergarten.

At 2 to 3 years of age, typically developing children begin to use number words to ‘count’ as they play, showing that are beginning to explore and understand counting. By 4 years of age, many children can answer questions such as ‘How many?’ and ‘Give me…..’ questions for numbers up to 10. They understand ‘more’ or ‘less’ for small numbers, but they do not yet understand the ordinal nature of the number system, i.e., that each ‘next’ number represents ‘one more’.

Parents should be encouraged to draw their child’s attention to the uses of number in everyday life and engage them in games that teach counting and quantity. Starting from the childhood your children will fast learn addition and substraction and other mathematical actions. Show your children that mathematics is funny!

Developing basic math skills through games makes learning math fun right from the beginning.

Our application uses colorful images that are fun for the child to look at. Discovery education with the help of pictures shows numbers as glossy volume numerals that will catch a child’s attention. If a child exposed to what numbers look like, it will be easier for him to understand the concept of numbers later on.

Addition and subtraction
Fun educational math game for training mental addition and subtraction skills. With our app you and your child will learn to count fast and error free. You will certainly fall in love with math!

“Mental Math” is really HELPFUL: it develops the mental math skills and promotes brain training. In the game you should solve addition and subtraction problems which look like the cubes falling from above the playing field. With each level the problems become more complex and progress in the game depends on how fast and error free you can add and subtract!

Solving math problems through the play will be both useful and very interesting.

Multiplication Table
Learn Multiplication Table from 1 to 10, easy and fun. Times Table Math Games for your kids. Practice multiplication and guess all math puzzles! Solve multiply test and pass school exam. It’s a cool math game which helps learning multiplication tables. Test your brain and solve mathematics quiz. Help your kid to make progress in school math. Your life will be a lot easier when you can simply remember the multiplication tables! In mathematics, a multiplication table (a times table) is a mathematical table used to define a multiplication operation for an algebraic system.



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cool math games ks1, ks2 - Counting, addition 1.6.0 IOS -
cool math games ks1, ks2 - Counting, addition 1.6.0 IOS -
cool math games ks1, ks2 - Counting, addition 1.6.0 IOS -
cool math games ks1, ks2 - Counting, addition 1.6.0 IOS -

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