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Cooking Chef Beach Bistro

Cooking Chef Beach Bistro

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You play as a master Chef in a beach bistro fast food. People are coming to you to get some delicious meals, snacks, dishes, desserts, drinks. Aim of this game is to serve your customers and cook them meals in order that they want. If you fail ( forget to add something to recipes ) to do it right, you get no money. But if you make everything right, you get paid. Every customer has different patience, that means cook as fast as you can. Your beach restaurant contains a lot of ingredients, that you combine to create a meal, cooker and dustbin in case you mess up a recipy. Dash your ingredients ( tomato, onion, bacon, meat, melon, salad, chips, strawberry, kiwi, cheese, bun, donut, cucumber, peach, ketchup ) and make a desired recipes meal. You can cook recipes such as hamburger, pizza, oriental recipes etc. This kind of cooking game likes mostly kids. Game contains 8 various levels. You need a good multitasking abilities to handle all the customers.


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Cooking Chef Beach Bistro 1.0 IOS -
Cooking Chef Beach Bistro 1.0 IOS -
Cooking Chef Beach Bistro 1.0 IOS -
Cooking Chef Beach Bistro 1.0 IOS -

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