Concrete Excavator Tractor 3D 1.0 IOS

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Concrete Excavator Tractor 3D

Concrete Excavator Tractor 3D

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Concrete Excavator Tractor 3D is your complete city construction simulator and an amazing addition to your list of transport truck/ forklift/ dump truck/ road roller/ sand excavator/ construction truck driving and parking simulations as well as the road construction, city driving and other city building games!
Concrete Excavator Tractor 3D is among the city construction games that require a combination of skills ranging from those of a road builder, operating a concrete excavator and a road roller to do his exhausting job of road construction, to a hi tech structural engineer and city builder busy in his job of city construction. You are a worker completing a contract for his jobs of a road builder and city construction while driving a transport truck around the city to the construction sites and getting the concrete and cement delivered in time before it hardens.
You are the finest city builder! Use your road builder and structural engineering skills to build up the parking space in front of the construction site with the help of a sand excavator and other heavy machinery. This construction simulator also provides you with an experience of city driving, allowing you to drive the construction truck and digger around the construction city within the given time, and is thus, different from the mainstream city construction games and heavy excavator simulators!
Concrete Excavator Tractor 3D is one of the best heavy excavator simulators, city driving, road building and city building games available!
Key Features:
– Amazing and realistic 3D city environment
– Number of heavy machines, like the sand excavator and tractors, to work on
– User friendly and responsive controls
– 6 missions to choose from
– Experience the life of road builders, city builders and contract workers


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Concrete Excavator Tractor 3D 1.0 IOS -Concrete Excavator Tractor 3D 1.0 IOS -Concrete Excavator Tractor 3D 1.0 IOS -Concrete Excavator Tractor 3D 1.0 IOS -

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