Color Heap Puzzle. The idea of Hanoi Tower (ad-free) 1.0.0 IOS

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Color Heap Puzzle. The idea of Hanoi Tower (ad-free)

Color Heap Puzzle. The idea of Hanoi Tower (ad-free)

Giới thiệu Color Heap Puzzle. The idea of Hanoi Tower (ad-free)


This version of the game has no advertising.
We recommend you to download the free version, and if you will like it, then buy this version.
You can find a free version on the Apple Store, by typing in the search: “Color Heap Puzzle. The idea of Hanoi Tower Ruslan Goncharenko”.

Color Heap Puzzle. The idea of Hanoi Tower combines a Toy Pyramid and Tower of Hanoi – one of the most popular puzzle games of the XIX century.


1. There are several rods, and a number of disks of different colors which can be moved onto any rod.
2. The goal is to collect all the disks of the same color in own rod.
3. Simply drag the disk from one rod to another.
4. Disk can be put either onto an empty rod, or on the disk of the same color.

Solve it with the minimal moves!

The “Solution”-button is available for all tasks(puzzles).

Its a very addictive puzzle game.

There are 5 categories of difficulty.
Each categorie has 600 levels.

There are total (5×600) = 3000 tasks.


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