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Co Up Online – Dark Chess

Co Up Online - Dark Chess

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Jieqi as know as Dark Chess or Blind Chess is the special extension of Chinese Chess (Xiangqi). Now you can play it on your mobile device with milion of player on over the world via online feature. There are two type of game: Dark Chess and Chinese Chess, we use ELO calculating system to determine who are the grand master.

Some special features in game:
– Play with no cost, no gold in game.
– Invite players to join room, the system will find the player which has nearest elo with you.
– Switch room if you don’t like opponent.
– Follow and view best match of the players.
– Find your friends.
– View the on playing match, join and watch the match.
– View the best match in history.
– Leaderboard shows best of the best players.
– Can view player information.
– You can request undo to your opponent.
– Build in chat system.
– Review your match history.
– Show player avatar and country.
– Sign in with guest login or your account.
– Can use more than 20 template avatars or use your your own avatar.
– Rules to explain the game.
– See all the possible and impossible moves when selecting a piece.
– Can personalize many piece themes and board themes.
– Great animation and moving effect.
– Amazing UI with exellent graphics.
– Pretty sound and music.
– Multilingual: English, Vietnamese.

Enjoy right now!


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Co Up Online - Dark Chess 1.0 IOS -Co Up Online - Dark Chess 1.0 IOS -Co Up Online - Dark Chess 1.0 IOS -Co Up Online - Dark Chess 1.0 IOS -Co Up Online - Dark Chess 1.0 IOS -Co Up Online - Dark Chess 1.0 IOS -Co Up Online - Dark Chess 1.0 IOS -Co Up Online - Dark Chess 1.0 IOS -Co Up Online - Dark Chess 1.0 IOS -

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