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Co Up Online

Co Up Online

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Co Up Online or Chinese Dark Chess is a variation of Chinese Chess, which is a traditional game in Vietnam, and more countries. With the desire to connect people all countries, the version of Co Up online 2020 has been built and developed. With over hundred players, Co Up online with
• Completely play for free, no need to top up.
• Real time, no cheating.
• Find and match opponents quickly.
• The speed of a chess piece is sharp.
• Simple interface, user-friendly.
• Remarkable traditional graphics.
• Easily invite friends to play.
• Connect new friends and expand the community.

The interesting thing about Chinese Dark Chess is that players start the game with pieces upside down. Only after the first move, players know what the piece is and then thay play with the Chinese Chess rule.

• Simple interface, easy to play, easy to control
Each piece is designed specifically for the special Chinese version, which is both traditional and modern, feels familiar like playing in reality but also feels comfortable even when playing too long.

• Play chess online for free, without top up.
Download and play the game for free, without having to register or load any. Just connect to the internet, you can play anytime, anywhere.

• Find and battle players quickly.
Principle of pairing by the system of equivalent elo points. With a large number of players, finding and pairing play quickly.

• Easy-to-see interface, optimal experience for chess players
With simple graphics, traditional style and simple interface, helps the players focus on playing chess and have a better experience.

• Live match and history
Watch whichever chess battle real time with list of room. You also can track the history of the battle with your opponent, which help improve skill and training yourself.

• Weekly leaderboard
Leaderboard is ranking of 10 players, who have the highest score in weekly (from Monday to Sunday, reset leaderboard on Monday the next week).

Mystery Chinese Chess is a fun game and brain out playing with a normal Chinese chess set. Unlike standard Chinese Chess game, Mystery Chinese chess game combines both “luck and skills”, making the game more unpredictable. Every dark down pieces are different, and you are unlikely to encounter any two games that are alike.

The King is placed in the normal place in the chess board, and all mystery pieces are placed at random on regular locations on the Chinese chess board.

Download and play Co Up Online for free!

If you have an issue you wish to support, we can help you if you reach us via
• Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/covuonggame/
• Inbox: http://m.me/covuonggame/


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Co Up Online 1.0.1 IOS -Co Up Online 1.0.1 IOS -Co Up Online 1.0.1 IOS -Co Up Online 1.0.1 IOS -Co Up Online 1.0.1 IOS -

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