Classic Brick – tetris games 2.9 IOS

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Classic Brick – tetris games

Classic Brick - tetris games

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This is a childhood classic handheld game, a collection of several very fun game modes
1: Classic superposition elimination squares. From top to bottom, squares with different shapes appear. You need to adjust the position to fill the bottom line. The more lines the word eliminates, the higher the score.
2: Fill, every time you click on the button, a square is fired from the bottom, filling to the top, filling one row will eliminate, and the top squares will keep moving down, you need to eliminate them as soon as possible to prevent them from moving to the bottom, otherwise, the game is over
3: shoot, shoot squares from below, shoot the squares above, don’t let them near you, or the challenge will fail.
4: Greedy snake, a moving square, eats the square randomly appearing in the screen, its length increases, you need to eat as many squares as possible, never touch the wall.
5: The plane will appear randomly on the left and right. You should avoid it and not knock it down.
6: Beat bricks, move the box at the bottom, collide with the box at the top, make it go back in the opposite direction, and destroy the box at the top

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Ranking list: players from all over the world are here. oh, look who is better!


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