Classic bedtime stories for children 3 1.0 IOS

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Classic bedtime stories for children 3

Classic bedtime stories for children 3

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Collection of classic children’s stories for kids between 0-8 years old
Enjoy this selection of folk tales, children’s stories, classic stories and fairy tales to have a great time with your child. This is a very educational and ideal learning game for children. With these bedtime stories, be a storyteller for your kids before they go to bed.
You can find a comprehensive collection of classic stories for each day. An interactive and intuitive book for children in the primary stage of early childhood education, preschool and primary. For babies and kids between 0-8 years old. Ideal for learning to read and even to learn languages and you can choose among different languages:
Choose your language:
Choose the story:
The queen of the snow
Peter Pan
The little Mermaid
The hare and the tortoise
The emperor’s new suit
Read the story and enjoy the beautiful fables with music and sound effects. Paint and color the illustrations and drawings of fairy tales that your children will love. A must have collection of classic bedtime stories on your tablet or mobile.
While serving as a game for entertaining, fun and learning, these stories will educate, show or teach values, attitudes and what is really important in life.
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