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Clans Of Xiangqi

Clans Of Xiangqi

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Want to try a new way to play Xiangqi (Chinese chess) online? This Xiangqi online system is built for players who love both Xiangqi and social. You do not only play Xiangqi but make friends, create a group of players, chat to other people, enjoy audiences around when playing (or become a fun, active audience), gain many fun achievements (than only chess ELOs) to beat other players even the strongest ones:
– Play bullet, blitz, rapid, and correspondence chess
– Chat, joke with people, make friends
– Create clans, send mails, share games, receive and donate coins between clan friends
– Watch and study top games, give them a “Like” as a vote up
– Gain many achievements and bonuses as fun factors when playing and to win even Grandmasters, regardless your chess levels
– Play in relax ways: sometimes you can fix some small mistakes, lack of time…
– Easy and friendly navigation, free to play

Clans Of Xiangqi is not just a Xiangqi game nor ELO counters. It is much more. Above all is fun and a community of players.


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Clans Of Xiangqi 1.0 IOS -Clans Of Xiangqi 1.0 IOS -Clans Of Xiangqi 1.0 IOS -Clans Of Xiangqi 1.0 IOS -

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