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City Police Car Parking

City Police Car Parking

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game controls. the gas pedal, brake, car reversing control with steering wheel controls and realistic you can easily check. games section of passes in a hangar. when the game starts you will see all the obstacles quickly. when the car parking game starts you will have a limited time. you’ll love our game to the new car park. you will experience superb driving experience with the game controls
this car parking is very difficult to see the last level of the game. only good can come up to this level drives the car. notification icons that you can learn from top left attached to the barrier several times in the game. you can see the icon in the upper left you see now how many waypoint. ıf you are bored, you can press the reset button of the camera angle. best show by driving your car.

* features *
* 40 levels (to be updated)
* realistic car model
* realistic parking space
* different types of obstacles
* free driving mode
* star system
* time control


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