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Chinese Chess Premium

Chinese Chess Premium

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Action Chinese Chess Premium is the best Chinese Chess game, aka Co Tuong (Cờ Tướng) or Xiangqi (象棋) with amazing graphics, smart computer, online / offline features and Ad-free.

6 Play Modes:
* Classic: play offline with 10 difficulty levels of Computer, from beginner to expert.
* Solve Puzzles: hundreds of fun Puzzles await to be solved, the best way to learn Co Tuong.
* 2 Players: play-and-pass directly with friends on the same device.
* World Tournament: play online with friends and other players all around the world.
* Vietnamese Mystery Chess (Cờ Tướng Úp), aka Co Tuong Up or Co Up.
* Taiwanese Dark Chess (暗棋), aka Blind Chess (盲棋), Half Chess (半棋) or Banqi.

Special Features:
* Completely Ad-free.
* Game Center’s Leaderboards and Achievements.
* Multiple Skins and with either Chinese or Western Chess Symbols.
* UI offers 2 different ways to move: click-n-click or dragging the piece.
* Beautiful graphics, awesome animations and special effects.
* Showing possible moves, ability to unlimitedly Unmove.
* Best way to learn Chinese Chess with the Hint feature.
* Challenge yourself with or without limited time.
* Invite your friends, share your games directly via Facebook and Twitter.

Chinese Chess is also known as Xiangqi, Xiàng Qí, 象棋, シャンチー, Cờ Tướng, Co Tuong, Cotuong, Asian Chess, Janggi. If you’re a Chess, Checker or Mahjong player, you’ll love this game; and even if you don’t read Chinese characters, the game can show you the equivalent chess symbols.


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Chinese Chess Premium 2.7.6 IOS -Chinese Chess Premium 2.7.6 IOS -Chinese Chess Premium 2.7.6 IOS -Chinese Chess Premium 2.7.6 IOS -Chinese Chess Premium 2.7.6 IOS -

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