Chinese Chess Lite – Offline 2.4 IOS

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Chinese Chess Lite – Offline

Chinese Chess Lite - Offline

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As being one of most popular casual games , Chinese Chess Lite is loved by Chinese even the whole Asian . During the game two players try their best to use high skills to win the game.
Firstly ,we develop Chinese Chess Lite for iPhone and iPad for you with our utmost care . With clear board , each attacked chess will be showed you . And the menu is designed to be Chinese style , so as you will not be tired with long time continue play.
Finally , there are two modes , two-player mode and man machine mode.
Two-player mode : Two players play on the same iPhone and iPad
Man – machine mode : support 4 levels


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Chinese Chess Lite - Offline 2.4 IOS -Chinese Chess Lite - Offline 2.4 IOS -Chinese Chess Lite - Offline 2.4 IOS -Chinese Chess Lite - Offline 2.4 IOS -Chinese Chess Lite - Offline 2.4 IOS -

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