Chinese Chess – Chess Game 1.1.0 IOS

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Chinese Chess – Chess Game

Chinese Chess - Chess Game

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Chinese Chess, also known as Chinese Chess, is a traditional Chinese chess game with a long history in China. It is a kind of two-person confrontation game. Due to its simple utensils and interesting taste, it has become a very popular chess activity.

Chess rules:
The horse walked the Japanese word, like Feitian; the car took the straight road and the gun went over the mountain. The gentleman walked the slanting road to protect the side, and the little pawn did not return. When the car goes straight, the horse is slanting, and the Xiangtiantian cannons are separated. The pawn is not allowed to cross the river.

Chess features:
Authentic Chinese chess mode, antique game interface, perfect to show the charm of Chinese style;
Download for free and download Chinese Chess Games for free from the App Store;
Chess small world, world big chess game, wonderful chess set, let you show your skills;
The six major modes are progressive, from simple to difficult, from the novice rookie to the chess master;
Single-player battles do not stop, no network is required, and the difficulty depends on you;
Online chess is a real match, a master has a trick, a game between IQs, infinite brain burning;
The river boundary is wide, the ingenuity is deep, the two are confrontation, the chess is hegemony, and the heart is dripping;
Real-time statistics of the record, accurate analysis of winning percentages, knowing oneself and knowing each other
Replay the game, open it anytime, anywhere, let your strength fight again, perfect recovery record;
Replay, repent, help and other functions, let you play unlimited;
The rules are detailed, and the hands-on training of chess teaching is fun and clear at a glance.

Come and play chess together!


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Chinese Chess - Chess Game 1.1.0 IOS -Chinese Chess - Chess Game 1.1.0 IOS -Chinese Chess - Chess Game 1.1.0 IOS -Chinese Chess - Chess Game 1.1.0 IOS -Chinese Chess - Chess Game 1.1.0 IOS -

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