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Chinese Chess : 3D Online

Chinese Chess : 3D Online

Giới thiệu Chinese Chess : 3D Online


Chinese Chess (XiangQui) is a classic game and is loved by millions of people around the world. It can be said that chess is not only a game but also an art and science, which is likened to a medieval war game.
Similar to the king chess, china chess games give you the ability to think well, train your mind sharp

The game is designed with Intelligent Artificial Intelligence featuring 5 levels of play.
Discover and show your tactics of commanding!

Online Mode, you can play online with many people on the world.
I wish you have fun !


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Chinese Chess : 3D Online 1.0 IOS -Chinese Chess : 3D Online 1.0 IOS -Chinese Chess : 3D Online 1.0 IOS -Chinese Chess : 3D Online 1.0 IOS -Chinese Chess : 3D Online 1.0 IOS -Chinese Chess : 3D Online 1.0 IOS -Chinese Chess : 3D Online 1.0 IOS -Chinese Chess : 3D Online 1.0 IOS -Chinese Chess : 3D Online 1.0 IOS -

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