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Chess Universe – Play & Learn

Chess Universe - Play & Learn

Giới thiệu Chess Universe – Play & Learn


The Chess Universe game will astonish you if you are curious to learn, improve, and have fun. Play free online games with live players, complete chess quests, unlock cool characters, emojis, chess boards, and sets. Test yourself against 7 Ai levels, solve thematic puzzles, and find the winning moves from the best games of legendary World Chess Champions such as Bobby Fischer & Garry Kasparov.
The new chess world is created for you. It is your move.

* Play free online or offline chess on various timer modes: bullet, blitz, rapid.
* Play chess with friends. Invite and connect with them.
* Visit the Fisher’s Kingdom and learn from the legends.
* Solve puzzles and master your game at the Chess Academy.
* Improve your ELO rating with every win.
* Compare yourself with other players on the Leaderboard.
* Choose your look with unique avatars.
* Communicate with fun animated emojis as you play your matches.
* Progress by solving daily chess quests.
* Earn rewards in gold and gems.
* Say hello to PETS. Get your own PET for your achievements in the game.
* Play free games offline with an Ai. Select 7 difficulty levels.
* Practice even when you’re offline.
* Revisit any online match you just played. Find the “MATCH HISTORY” button in your PLAY menu.
* Analyze your matches – you can hunt for your past mistakes with our easy to use analysis feature.
* Customize the look of your chessboard. Check the collection menu and choose the chessboard that catches your eye.
* Designed for mobile phones and tablets.

Have fun exercising your brain against players worldwide.

Time modes you can select for free ONLINE chess multiplayer games in the PLAY menu:
– Bullet: 30 second or 1 min per game per player
– Blitz : 3 min or 5 min per game per player
– Rapid: 10 min or 15 min per game per player

Become a better player by solving chess puzzles and tactics in our chess towers.

– Checkmate Palace – with its 100 puzzle levels, it is our biggest tower.
– Fischer’s Kingdom: Find winning moves from the best games of the legendary Bobby Fischer.
– Garry’s Keep: Find the best moves from the best games of the former World Champion Garry Kasparov.
– Tal’s Wizardry: Find the crazy combinations which Mikhail Tal played in his best games.
– Opening Tricks Spire: best tricks and traps in the opening. Win faster by knowing your opening tricks!
– Checkmate Tower: free 35 checkmate puzzles in 1 or 2 moves. Great for beginners.
– Checkmate Maze: find 50 checkmate puzzles in 1 or 2 moves. Club level players will enjoy these puzzles.
– Sacrifice Pit: Find great tactics puzzles to sharpen your tactical vision.
– Double Attack Coliseum: Solve chess puzzles with a double attack motif.
– Citadel of Champions. Best moves from Steinitz to Carlsen.
– Try the 2 new ABC Towers.

Play your opening, castle to protect your king, give a check, capture a piece, give another check, finish with a checkmate like a Grandmaster!

– Play free chess games – online or offline – against 7 ai levels of difficulty.
– Use HINTS in practice mode.
– Use UNDO in practice mode.

If you like to play chess with friends and family or live chess, you will love to play in the new Chess Universe app. The game is designed to creatively motivate and guide players to improve from beginner to master.
Join the fun today and perhaps you might be the next contender for the World Chess Championship!
Chess Universe brings you and your chess friends tons of fun.
Start your journey today. Play now.

The Chess Universe app is built by chess Grandmasters and gaming experts with the idea of presenting the best of both worlds in a unique, gamified chess adventure.

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Chess Universe - Play & Learn 1.4.1 IOS -Chess Universe - Play & Learn 1.4.1 IOS -Chess Universe - Play & Learn 1.4.1 IOS -Chess Universe - Play & Learn 1.4.1 IOS -Chess Universe - Play & Learn 1.4.1 IOS -Chess Universe - Play & Learn 1.4.1 IOS -Chess Universe - Play & Learn 1.4.1 IOS -Chess Universe - Play & Learn 1.4.1 IOS -Chess Universe - Play & Learn 1.4.1 IOS -

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